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Agrideals versatile crustbreaker

Machine for breaking a crust on different crops as a good alternative to irrigation. Can be used in carrots, chicory, seed onions, etc.

Due to the construction of the machine, the elements can be placed at any position, which means that the machine can be used in several crops. From backs at 50 or 75 cm, to beds of 2.25 with 8 rows per bed.

The elements of the crust breaker follow the soil separately.

The pressure can be adjusted with loose weights. As a result, the same pressure is exerted on each row.


–       3 meter base

–       3 meter Plus, later expandable to a wider version

–       6.75 meters Complete, hydraulically folding

The minimum distance between the elements is 20 cm. Every element can be taken out of the work, with the help of a lock. The required weights are stored in a warehouse, on the machine, if they are not needed.

Extra bar elements can very easily be placed in the crust breaker wheels for more aggressive operation and if the crop is not yet above the surface.

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