Agrideals Soil digger

Looking for a machine that improves the drainage of your crop?

The Agrideals Soil digger removes excess soil between the ends of the ridges or the seedbed.

When digging trenches at the end of cultivation beds and/or ridges, soil can accumulate between the rows. To improve the drainage in your crop, the Agrideals Soil digger has been developed to mechanically excavate this excess soil. The rotating discs dig into the ground. Simultaneously, the roller presses against the side of the ridge or cultivation bed, preventing damage to the ridge and cultivation bed by the rotating disc. This machine can be used for various crops that grow on a bed or ridge, such as potatoes, carrots, onions, and chicory.


  • The machine consists of six arms, each with a rotating disc and a roller.
  • The rotating discs determine the distance between the ridges and seedbeds, propelling the machine.
  • The arms are adjustable in length and depth, making the machine suitable for various crops.
  • The frame has a sideshift, allowing you to maintain sufficient distance to the crop.