Agrideals Crust breaker

Looking for an alternative to irrigating your crops?

The crust breaker breaks the crust above various sown crops, making it a good alternative to irrigation.

The loose elements on the machine can be placed in any desired position, with a minimum distance of 20cm. This makes the machine suitable for every cultivation method, including crops like chicory, carrots, onions, beets, and corn.


  • The machine is available in different frames.
  • The elements each follow the ground individually.
  • With separate weights, the pressure can be adjusted, ensuring the same pressure is applied on each row.
  • The weights can be stored in the machine’s magazine if desired.
  • A standard cage or a pointed cage can be placed on the elements.
  • The pointed cage provides an even more aggressive action.
  • There are additional options available for the machine; refer to the informational brochure for more details.